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The Foundation will work relentlessly in Zachary’s honor to save children’s lives.

Son of Karen and Brian, little brother of sister Jenna, and big brother to Henry and baby sister Sydney and Zachary Archer Cohn was a sweet, smart, inquisitive, and gentle six-year-old boy, overflowing with life, curiosity and love for his family. His connection with his family remains unbinding, and his absence felt each and every day.

As if knowing his time would be short, he lived for the day and exuded energy that made him a favorite among his teachers and classmates. He possessed a magnetic personality that drew others near.

To know him, one had to look no further than his choice in fashion for a sense of the carefree nature of Zachary Cohn. Often sporting loose t-shirts, flip-flops, and other casual clothes – never though before Mommy cut off the itchy tags, his playful spirit always was on exhibit to those who knew him well.

While Zachary was born 15 months after his sister Jenna, he was awe struck by his big sis, often doing whatever she did and whenever and wherever she did it just so he could be in her company. He adored his sister and competed for her undivided attention, and when she rebuffed him he would lovingly protest by exclaiming “I am so mad at you Jenna.”

But his affection did not stop there. He eagerly filled the role of big brother and caregiver of his little brother Henry and newborn sister Sydney. When learning of the news that Sydney was a girl, Zachary’s response was “I am not going to help take care of a baby sister,” and then after a moment of careful thought he said, “alright – fine, I will take care of a baby sister.” After she was born, he carefully made picture frames to put pictures of her in and he loved holding her and caring for her.

Zachary enjoyed a special connection with his parents; his Mom would say she could see heaven in his big brown eyes. He was a kind, old soul, who truly was “Mommy’s little boy.” His parents, sisters and brother miss Zachary tremendously.

An aspiring engineer or computer guru perhaps, he loved electronics, and really anything that had buttons. Not unlike other little boys, he enjoyed watching cartoons, and particularly superheroes – Batman being his favorite. But of the many things he loved to do, he was a natural and accomplished swimmer who took to the water even as a small child. And it was in doing what he loved that he was tragically and prematurely taken from his family.

Motivated by a mission of love, the Cohn family created The ZAC Foundation as a living legacy to Zachary. In his name, The ZAC Foundation is working to ensure that never again will a child suffer the same tragic fate. By finding new ways to communicate the messages of water safety, pioneering water safety standards, and creating a grassroots network throughout the country and world, The ZAC Foundation seeks to create a generational change in how water safety is viewed by parents and their children.

The ZAC Foundation will work relentlessly in Zachary’s honor to save children’s lives.


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